Gorthaur the chained god of death seeks a violent return to the world. Thrar Taurmori, god emperor of an evil sun, lord of fell angels, seeks dominion over all. Between these clashing foes stand four heroes and their patronesses — the elder fates of a time forgotten.

In the diabolical city of Minos, on the blasted moon Eledweil, battle is met. For whomever claims the throne of that terrible realm wins the right to challenge Gorthaur for lordship over death. And whomever controls death will also shape the fate of Oesha. Will she perish under the fires of a pregnant sun, or suffocate in chill webs of shadow, forever cut off from the light?

Or will the four set a new power in the place of fearsome Death? A peaceful Goddess who holds in loving memory each lost soul. Who would stand opposite the world like a gentle twilight. The hopeful promise of a loving dawn.

World of Oesha